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There are two ways that designs are normally created. For finished lawns our most common design method is to walk your property. We can then determine the type of lighting, amount of lighting, and fixture placements needed. We then calculate pricing including the electrical wiring required.


Our installation methods have been developed over many years. Fixture placement is critical in creating the desired lighting effects. Our installation crews are experts at installing the equipment so that the lighting potential is maximized.


Landscape illumination is our passion and our focus. Therefore we are also a licensed electrical contractor. This allows us the ability to provide all the electrical wiring required. Our crews are experienced at working in finished lawns and gardens. We use camouflage paint and strive to hide the conduits and boxes needed. Our goal is to have the lawn look as finished when we leave it as it did when we arrived.


Ideally our fixtures are located in the uppermost limbs of your trees. This is needed to create the desired shadow patterns and full moon effect. As the trees grow, the fixture placements may change. We recommend having our service crews do a standard maintenance a minimum of every two years. A standard maintenance includes checking all in-tree wiring and equipment, relocating equipment as needed and repairing or replacing any damaged equipment or wiring. If your lighting system is maintained on a timely basis the cost is kept at a minimum.

Warranty & Maintenance

Our company utilizes only the finest equipment available today. Because we combine quality equipment with professional installation, a 2-year warranty is included with our landscape lighting projects.

We not only design and install landscape lighting, but take pride in servicing it as well. As time passes your landscape will change. As the trees grow the fixtures may need to be redirected or relocated to maximize the lighting and retain the desired shadow patterns.

When the lighting is serviced on a timely basis the cost of maintenance is kept at a minimum. It is a pleasure to preserve what we feel is the most beautiful and unique form of outdoor lighting today.

Client List

  • Ahrens, Jon
  • Arborilogical Services
  • Baldwin, Berry
  • Bank of Texas – Oak Lawn Ave.
  • Bass, Ed
  • Bass, Robert
  • Beck, Jeffery
  • Beck, Peter
  • Bellamy, Robert
  • Benda, John
  • Best, Nancy
  • Billingsley, Lucy
  • Boerder, Larry
  • Bollinger, Bob
  • Bonick, Glenn
  • Branson, Frank
  • Brewer, Bill
  • Bush, George & Laura
  • Campisi, David
  • Carona, John
  • Carty, Donald J.
  • Caruth Homeplace HOA
  • Chris Park
  • Circle T. Ranch
  • Corrigan, Emily
  • Crow, Trammell S.
  • Cuban, Mark
  • Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Garden
  • Dallas Athletic Club
  • Davis, Don
  • Dedman, Nancy
  • Dundon, Tom
  • Durham, Clark
  • Eagle, John
  • Estess, Sandra
  • Evans, Candy
  • Fearon, Ed
  • Ford, Kelli
  • Ford, Tommy
  • Gates, Jennifer
  • Ginsburg, Scott
  • Glazier, Phyllis
  • Goff, John
  • Goff, Rusty
  • Grey Rock Golf Club
  • Griffin, David
  • Hamlett, Dr. Ken
  • Hegi, Fred
  • Herring, Don
  • Hobson, Lee
  • Hobson Ranch
  • Hoffman, Marguerite
  • Hon. Ted M. Akin
  • Jarrett, Ed
  • Johnson, Warren
  • Jordan, Lee Roy
  • Karahan, Fehmi
  • Kershaw, Clayton
  • Kevin Clark/Naud Burnett
  • Kirby, Scott
  • Leidner, Harold
  • Martin Rutchick
  • Concert Lawn
  • McCoy, Mike
  • McCutchin, Sharon
  • McIntyre, William
  • McShan, Bruce
  • MESA Design Group
  • Mesa Vista Ranch
  • Mitchell, Lee Roy
  • Molthan, Mark
  • Moritz, David
  • Pack, Jay
  • Pack, Sam
  • Perot, Ross Jr.
  • Phillips, Betty Lou
  • Pickens, T. Boone
  • Pogue, Mack
  • Rathjen, Carloyn
  • Roach, John
  • Roberts, Craig
  • Rogers, Nancy
  • Rose, DeDe
  • Rouse, Tommy
  • Rutchik, Nancy
  • Shuttee, David
  • Skokos, Ted
  • Sparks, Bill
  • Sterling, Sarah
  • The Dunmore Hotel – Bahamas
  • Thompson, Bob
  • Thompson, Jere
  • Tolleson, John
  • Trevino, Lee
  • Trimble, Richard
  • Turley, Windle
  • Tycher, Linda
  • Wilder, John
  • Williams Landscape Company
  • Winn, Stephen
  • Wynn, Toddie Jr.

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